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┼╗yjecie ? :D
- 26.07. 2015 18:50

Functions, events, tutorials and much more. If you are looking into information, wiki is the right place for you.

29.03. 2015 21:25
Dear LHMP fans,

at first, welcome to our new website. Actually, it's still the same, but hosted elsewhere :) Last night I successfully migrated it to my new VPS as Zak had asked me to finally do that :)
You've been waiting for any news for long 3 months. I'm aware of that. However, it wasn't my intention to let you being without knowing anything about the project development. This year I'm facing hard times as I'm graduating from school and school has become much more important than ever before. That's why I put my effort especially on school and it will be so until June.
Most of you might ask whether it's worth of making MP for so old game. Well, to be honest, it isn't. But I'm too passionate lover of Mafia to give it up, so for me it will never be something useless :)
Despite my school effort, I've been working a little, preparing new master list system. Moreover, the plan is to add new features, fix as many bugs as possible and release first public RC version. I can't promise when, but that's the way we are heading.
I've almost forgotten. In the turn of February, ZaKlaus decided not to continue with us as he wanted to devote his time on his projects. We wish him good luck :). On the other hand, new developer which had been around since September joined us. His name is qbt and he proved to be very usefull in many aspects of developing :)
I hope once my promises will come true.

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