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- 31.10. 2015 17:29

Functions, events, tutorials and much more. If you are looking into information, wiki is the right place for you.

28.08. 2015 9:03
Hi guys,
we have just released our up-to-date build :) Your update will be automatically downloaded in your launcher. However, you should download you server files in case you are a server owner. Now let's have a look at what has changed:
- improved stability (fixed bad pieces of code that used to trigger crashes)
- fixed buggy Squirrel commands (playerSetRotation, playerGetRotation, playerGetRotationAsVector,onKeyPressed, vehicleSetSpeed, iniCreateFile, timerCreate)
- new Squirrel commands playerKickOutVehicle, banIP, banPlayer
- fixed client-side colorARGB
- fixed client side problems with pick-ups (rotation, recreation after respawn)

We are also proud to point at fact that our project is 2 years old :) The first commit was pushed on 26th August 2013, although preparations and work itself started the month before.

Three weeks have passed since we released our first RC (release candidate) version for public. We've received a lot of feedback and no matter good or bad note they were, we are glad that anyone was interested in our work and effort. That's the most important thing after all.
We will try to keep our project updated regularly, although it takes some time to get things move on, especially when we are working in our spare time. This is a good point to remind you that anything you want to let us know, either some bug/crash notes or just suggestions about possible improvements, we are here for you :)


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